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Cambria County was formed March 26, 1804 from what had once been portions of Somerset, Bedford and Huntingdon Counties. Other adjacent counties: Blair, Clearfield, Indiana, and Westmoreland.

This website is being maintained by Lynne Canterbury. If you have anything to contribute, any suggestions for inclusion on the site, questions, or just want to send a friendly greeting just email me! I'd love to hear from you!

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With regard to items found on this web site ...

You are more than welcome to use anything you find on this web site in your personal genealogy research files. However, please cite your sources correctly when you do so. Many wonderful volunteers have spent a tremendous amount of time transcribing, typing and contributing data so that you can find it easily. Give them the credit that they deserve. If you find an obituary on these web pages for your great great grandfather that was published in a local newspaper, YOUR source is NOT the newspaper, but is the person who transcribed that obituary.

If you are using a photograph of your great great grandfather's tombstone in your genealogy files, please give credit to the photographer. If you publish your genealogy anywhere (in book form, a personal web site, etc.) you MUST obtain written permission from the photographer to use that photograph BEFORE you republish the picture with the appropriate credit. Photographs are automatically copyrighted by the photographer, according to law, by the mere fact that they are published. Copying them to other websites (or any other media) without permission is a violation of copyright law.

This website is currently in the process of being updated, but it is a slow process. If you notice any links that are no longer working, words misspelled, or things that just plain look odd, please don't hesitate to let me know. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the website, please send it. It probably won't get added overnight, unfortunately; but it will get added.

CEMETERY LISTINGS: Changes have been, and continue to be made almost daily to nearly every cemetery. Thank you to all the contributors who sent in corrections and additions!! The latest listings can be found on the Cemetery Index web page. When was the last time you looked for one of your relatives? He (or she) could be there now, just waiting to be found -- with a photo!

OBITUARY LISTINGS: Hundreds -- if not thousands! -- of obituaries have been added. You may notice some format changes. Obituaries that formerly were listed in an extract format now include the full obituary.

OTHER ADDITIONS: The marriage license index pages are being worked on. Three new books are in the works. "Past Events" is a continuing project.

A big thanks to all the contributers who have sent in updates, corrections and other articles!!

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