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History of Cambria County, V.2



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Special thanks
go to Mary Bayliss who
spent many hours scanning & sending
us every page in her entire book!!

If you find any "typos", please let us
know so we can fix them.

Thank you also to the following wonderful volunteers who typed and proofread each of the hundreds of pages in this book to make it available for future researchers: Marilyn Boula, Jim Crouse, Claire DeCecco, Sue Elliott, Carl Gaus, Janet Gray, Linda Harris, Cheryl Jordan, Donna Julian, Kathe Lynch, Kathy Lewis, Sally McAney, Jo Mercer, Betty Lucas Mullanack, Debra Orner, Barbara Patterson, Debra Richards, Kelly Rosendale, Candy Roth, Chris Shuble, Marguerite McAney Siegel, Sue Smith, Jane Tripp, Sharon Trosan, Carol Glass Vass, Jean Wall, Tom Wills, Carole Wolfhope, Cathy Yoder, Harriet Zierer, Linda, Mary and Pam.

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