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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


THE following work is simply what its title indicates, - a Souvenir of the Centenary of this parish, the oldest in Western Pennsylvania. It makes no pretence to originality, but is merely a compilation of papers, facts, names and dates, which show forth the progress made during the century just closed, and furnish valuable and interesting data for the future historian of the church in this diocese. Even as a compilation it is far from perfect, for its matter was collected and arranged during the hours that could be spared from a busy pastoral life; and many items, well worthy of being recorded, have been passed without notice, and others, herein noted, have been inadequately treated. Such as it is, however, it is offered to the public in the hope that whatever measure of success it may meet with may stimulate other pastors to diligently gather, and to preserve in permanent and easily accessible form, the records of their respective parishes, and to collect, the fragments of parochial history, lest they be forever lost. Such work will be appreciated in future years.

    The compiler desires to express here his lasting gratitude to the contributors of various papers included in this Souvenir: to Mr. John J. McCormick, of Wilmore, and to the Pittsburg Catholic, for valuable historical and biographical notes; and to Rev. Regis Canevin, Rector of St. Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburg, and Rev. Brother Angelus, Superior of the

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