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    Many thanks go to the following people who helped us get this book online:

  • Lisa Baker who loaned us the book for scanning!!
  • Dave Ruckser who scanned the photographs in the book!!
  • Linda Braund who, with the team of transcribers and proofreaders listed below, made the whole thing come together for the web site!!
Joyce Anthony
Jenny Baumgardt
Mary Bayliss
Mary Bookout
Linda Braund
Lynne Canterbury
Mary Jane Conley
Clark Creery
Claire DeCecco
Don Dickert
Phyllis Edwards
Sue Elliott
Beth Fladaker
Donna Fox
Bonnie Funk
Nancy Gibbs
Jack Grove
Linda Harris
James Hindman
Cheryl Jordan
Carole Kammer
Kelly Kendig
Thomas Matason
Margie Messana
Susan Mills
Betty Mirovich
Bernie Mock
Diann Olsen
Debra Orner
Grace Parks
Barbara Patterson
Patty Rager
Ellen Reed
Debra Richards
Adina Roe Roberts
Mary Rubert
Rene Seigh
Marguerite McAneny Siegel
Angela Smith
Sue Smith
Corinne Strazisar
Mary Ellen Thorpe
Jane Tripp
Antigone Twidt
Connie Williams
Tom Wills
Carole Wolfhope

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