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Ivison Cemetery
Blacklick Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

This cemetery was photographed in 2016 and is currently in the process of being updated.

Photograph contributed by Lynne Canterbury & Diann Olsen

This web page contains only the tombstone data for which photographs have been contributed. If you are looking for a complete transcription of the cemetery, it is on the Blacklick Township web pages at:

Note: This information has not been provided by any official cemetery source. It is offered here as a tool to promote further research and should NOT be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.

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Name Birth Death Comments Location
BORING, Lester 1900 1923 [Photo]  
BORING, Nora 1870 1906 [Photo]  
LONGENECKER, Abram 1848 1923 [Photo]  
LONGENECKER, Mary 1860 1922 [Photo]  
STILES, Betty J. (Marsh) 16 Apr 1932 15 Sep 2004 [Photo]  
STILES, Frederick J. 10 Sep 1923 24 Nov 2004 [Photo]  
STILES, M. E. 21 Jun 1886 10 Jul 1896 s/o S. & M. Stiles; [Photo]  
TOY, Alvie J. 12 Dec 1946 1 Dec 1993 [Photo]  
Wooden Crosses     There are approx. 14 wooden crosses, several flat stones, and a few cement plot marker posts, all with no inscriptions, located within the cemetery.  

Results 1 - 9 of 9 Page 1 of 1

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