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Soldiers' Circle at Sandyvale

Soldier's Circle, Sandyvale Cemetery, Johnstown, PA
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Soldiers' Circle at Sandyvale Cemetery stands in the center of the huge empty field that once was filled with gravestones of the interred. The floods have left the cemetery barren and virtually empty. Only a few stones lining the edge of the central walkway remain today in what once must have been a beautiful resting place overlooking the river.

Around the edge of the central garden plot there remain 21 stones honoring a few soldiers that were originally buried in this cemetery.

In the front of the garden stands a plaque with the names of soldiers originally interred at Sandyvale. These soldiers fought in various wars (from the Revolutionary War through World War II), expecting their final resting ground to be peaceful and serene. On the transcription of the plaque, it says "in honor of those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States whose remains are in Sandyvale Cemetery in graves known only to God".

The graphic to the left represents the entire plaque. Click on a "section" to see a photograph of that portion of the plaque.

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